Virtual regattas


La Canottieri Lago d’Orta ha partecipato alla regata virtuale organizzata da Barwon ..vincendo nella loro categoria  Junior/Otto Club Misto…grazie per la bella esperienza!

Virtual Head of the Barwon Results!Congratulations to all of the athletes who participated in the virtual regatta on Sunday 5 April. Participants came from places that included Geelong, Melbourne, Gippsland and Italy. A big thank you to all rowers, runners and bikers.

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We want to send a special greeting and extra thanks to Barwon’s sister club, Canottaggio Lago D’Orta. We know that you are right in the middle of Northern Italy’s experience of the pandemic. Our thoughts are with all of you, and your families, at this time. But we also knew that you would be super-competitive and that you would not for a moment have stopped training. And we were right about that!We also want to send thanks to Corio and Powerhouse, for organising a competitive boat so promptly (NZ 1, we know who you are–and we thank you for it!), to the members of the Victorian State Masters squads who joined in, and to the athletes from Gippsland (we think!) who raced in the junior/club eights. Finally, last but not least, thanks to the Barwon rowers, who raced hard and well.

Race 1: Mixed Masters Eights
Winner: CANADA 1 (time: 18:01) [Vic Sibellin, Jen Wheelahan, david Curry, Florent Thivillier, Stewart Cowey]
Second: AUSTRALIA 1 (time: 18:28.6) [Geoff Boucher, Lyn Broad, Mark Lewis, Siobhan Boyd-Squires, Mark Upton, Anthony MacDonald]
Third: SWITZERLAND 1 (time: 19:10.3) [Chris Bishop, Maxine Rice, Geoff Boucher [raced twice], Ali Chapman, Lachie Sleeman, Mariena Madar, Ed Kinch, Tanya Sutherland]
Fourth: USA 1 (time; 20:08) [Mr Axe [raced twice], Ross Mursell [raced twice], Roberto England [raced twice]]
Fifth: NEW ZEALAND 1 (time: 21:29.8) [Richard Axe, J Peaches Earl, Ben Dunsheath, Lisa Letic, Peter Aberle, Maggie Maclachlan, Ross Mursell, WAG, Rob England]

Race 2: Mixed Varsity Fours
Winner: NZ 1 (time: 16:18.1) [Tom Hastings, Isabelle Batrouney, Charlie Batrouney, Generic Female Rower 3]
Second: USA 1 (time: 16:37.4) [Sam Connor, Generic Female Rower 1, Harry Bufton, Generic Female Rower 2]
Third: AUSTRALIA 1 (16:55.1) [Jordan Roberts, Olivia Sargeant, Tom Phelan Penson, Paige Barr, Miya Hancock]

Race 3: Junior/Club Mixed Eights
Winner: Canottaggio Lago D’Orta (time 16:44.8) [ Antonio Sanso, Gabriele Enrico, Simone Dequal, Federico Baratti, Ricardo Lai, Emanuele Oechslin, Lorenzo Giubellino, Alberto Ciavarro, Edoardo Carbonatto]
Second: CANADA 1 (time: 17:07.44) [Billy Osborne, Teagan Blythe, Tom Phelan-Penson, Sophie Reinehr, Lindsay Hamilton, Paige Barr, Jordan Roberts, Olivia Sargeant, Miya Hancock]


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